These professional installations have been highlighted in recent promotional efforts. Choose a showcase year and then see each design.


Office Remodeling (2015)

Gillette Children's

Hospital (2015)

Hamline University (2013)

Church of Scientology

TruStone Financial (2011)

Radisson Blu
Remodel (2015)

Southdale Center
Renovation (2014)

Minnibar Lounge
MSP Airport (2013)

Maplewood Mall
Renovation (2012)

St. Francis Food Service (2011)


Capella Tower Lobby (2015)


Walser Honda (2014)

Minnesota Veterans' Home
Remodel (2013)

Kitchen Remodel CPP NA Corporate Office (2012)

Minnetonka High School Student Union (2011)

RBC Plaza

Renovation (2015)


Orchestra Hall (2014)

Hennepin Technical College Remodel (2012)

Gillette Ambulatory Care Center (2011)

Apple Valley Water
Treatment Plant (2015)

Mimosa Restaurant
MSP Airport (2014)

U of M Fowell Hall
Remodel (2012)

St. Thomas University Athletic Complex (2011)